Wooden Laminate Flooring

We are a leading dealer/wholesaler/ distributor/importer/supplier/treader of Wooden Laminate Flooring in Pune. We are also leading importer and supplier of Wooden Laminate Flooring in Pune Maharashtra India. We also dealer/wholesaler/distributor of Wooden Laminate Flooring in Pune Maharashtra India.

We are providing Use As Multi-Layer Synthetic Flooring Support, These Laminated Wooden Flooring Choices Are Quality Developed And Feature Quality Fusion Using Advanced Lamination Process. The Quality Finish Provided Through These Laminate Flooring Also Supports Simulating Wood Finish With Inner Core Layer Coming Composed Of Fiber Board Materials And Melamine Resin. Some Of Its Features Include Offering Easier Installation And Maintenance, Less Costing For Installation, Offering Viable And Long Lasting Alternative To Flooring Materials, Relatively Easy To Maintain, Providing For Long-Lasting Flooring Support, Allows Easy Cleaning Support From Dust, Dirt Or Grit As Well As Stubborn Spots Or Stains On Laminate Flooring.


  • Easy to install
  • Termite resistance
  • High durability